Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mother's Day


I decided to make matching outfits for Caralie and myself for Mother's Day. I found a super cute floral Swiss dot on sale at Joann that was light and breathable but not too sheer. I made a simple peasant dress for myself by (majorly) adjusting a pattern from Simplicity and then made a matching skirt and hair clip for Caralie:

Those are pine cones. Caralie insisted we each hold one for the shot. I thought it was silly but this ended up being my favorite picture (even though my posture's not great and the dress is draping funny).

This little skirt is super easy to make. You can find a great tutorial by Dana on MADE. All it took was a half yard of 58" wide fabric, elastic, and thread.

The hair clip came together thanks to a tutorial from Disney at Ruffles & Stuff. I used Fray Check to keep the fabric circles from fraying but I think it would look cute with frayed edges as well.

I made my hair clip with a sheet of hot pink felt and some hot glue. I LOVE the look of this thing! It's tedious but not to the point that I wouldn't make another. You need to give yourself a good hour or even two to put it together. I found the tutorial on Holidash. I'm going to make another one in purple for Caralie and then maybe I'll make a couple more for myself in aqua, royal blue, and gray. You could even use different gradations of color for each row of petals.

Anyway, it's been a LONG time since I've made something. I've been a little burned out from our move and the prospect of moving again in another month or two. I still owe my sister a diaper bag and her twins are 6 months old now. Yikes. That's my next project to tackle.

Hope you all enjoy this special day. Call your mom!